Why use compatibles


Compatible Ink And Toner – High Quality, Low Cost Alternatives to OEM

TonerLand is proud to offer its customers high quality, low cost compatible ink jet and toner cartridges as reliable alternatives to over-priced OEM brand supplies.

OEM’s like Hewlett Packard, Lexmark, Canon, Brother and Epson will often market printers at very low prices. Their objective is to then sell very high cost, high profit margin supplies to the printer buyer. It just like the old razor and blade business model – give away the razor to make incredible profits on the blades. You would be amazed to know just how much money the OEM’s make from OEM-brand supplies, sometimes they sell for prices ten times the cost of the cartridge – all at your expense.

That’s why TonerLand gives you the opportunity to Print More For Less
by offering high quality, low cost compatible cartridges for your ink jet and laser printers. Our compatible cartridges are produced in manufacturing facilities that are ISO 9001 and ISO 14000 certified – the highest quality standards in the world. We also do further incoming inspections and testing at our own facility to be certain we are offering our customers outstanding products that produce superior print quality, extended yield plus savings up to 70% compared to OEM

You can buy from TonerLand with confidence based on our 100% quality guarantee. If you ever have a problem with a product purchased from TonerLand just let us know and we’ll repair, replace the product so you can get your printer running again.

Just as important, buying from TonerLand helps protect the environment. Many of the products we sell contain carefully selected recycled components, keeping them out of the waste stream.

Save money and protect the environment – it’s a winning combination and to everyone’s best advantage.