Tonerland FAQ's


What does OEM mean? What is an OEM cartridge?
OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. OEMs, such as HP, Canon, Epson and Lexmark are the companies that manufacture most printers today. OEM cartridges are cartridges that are branded under the OEM's brand, like HP. TonerLand offers both OEM and less expensive compatible and remanufactured products.

What does a “remanufactured” cartridge mean?
A “remanufactured” cartridge is a recycled cartridge that is “re-manufactured” by a third party manufacturer (not the OEM who originally produced the cartridge). TonerLand works with remanufacturers who remove and replace all of the spare parts on the cartridge (including the drum) then refill the cartridge with high quality ink or toner. To guarantee print quality, TonerLand’s remanufactured cartridges are tested in the factory before being packaged.

TonerLand only sells remanufactured toner cartridges that have had the drum replaced with a new drum, unless otherwise noted. Most of our competitors sell cheaper remanufactured toner cartridges that still have the original drum which typically leads to poor print quality.

What does a “compatible” cartridge mean?
“Compatible” or generic cartridges are manufactured by third party manufacturers (not OEMs) but are fully compatible with printers made by OEM’s. TonerLand’s compatible cartridges are high quality products that produce sharp images like the name brand products, but they cost up to 70% less than the name brand products. They are also
plug and print, just like the name brands.

How do I install a new cartridge I bought from TonerLand?
Always follow the printer manufacturer's guidelines for installing new cartridges. You may find directions in your printer user manual. TonerLand’s cartridges are made to follow the specifications of the original equipment manufacturer, so they will install exactly the same way.

Why are some name brand cartridges (especially toner cartridges) so expensive?
Unfortunately some name brand cartridges are very expensive and might even cost more than the printers in which they are used. As a reseller, TonerLand doesn’t have any role in setting the prices of the name brand cartridges. In fact we make very thin margins on the sales of name brand cartridges. Almost all the proceeds from the sales price go to the manufacturer of your printer. We recommend that you use our compatible cartridges to decrease the cost of your printing.

Would the use of compatible or remanufactured cartridge void my printer's warranty?
No. Federal Trade Commission - Magnusson-Moss Warranty Federal Commission Improvement Act (Subparagraph C, section 101) - regulations specifically states that "No warrantor of a consumer product may condition his written or implied warranty of such product on the consumer's using, in connection with such product, any article or service (other than article or service provided without charge under the terms of the warranty) which is identified by brand, trade or corporate name". This means that the manufacturer of the printer you are using cannot void the warranty on your printer because you use a cartridge or refill kit manufactured by someone other than the printer manufacturer. This prohibition includes the use of compatible cartridges, clip-ons, continuous feeding mechanisms, refill kits, ink, etc. For more information on the act, you can contact the Federal Trade Commission at (202) 326-3128.

What if my printer doesn't recognize the new cartridge(s) or it shows the wrong toner or ink levels?
Cartridges with a smart chip may infrequently have recognition problems, even if the cartridges are new. You may also see cartridges reported as empty when they are actually full. Those problems are usually caused by the "smart" chip in the cartridge. If you experience this issue, you should remove the new cartridge, unplug your printer and leave it unplugged for 2-3 minutes to completely clear the printer’s memory. Then plug the printer back in and re-install the cartridge.

What is the shelf life of your products?
Our cartridges' shelf life is comparable to name brand or OEM products (Original Equipment Manufacturer). The shelf life is usually 24-months for all the name brand and compatible laser and ink cartridges. If properly stored (kept in original packaging in a cool and dry location), cartridges may last longer than 24-36 months.

Where can I find the manufacturer's contact information and user manuals?
Please refer to the following table:

Links to Manufacturers' Websites


 Apple Driver Downloads

 Apple Homepage

Apple User Manuals

Contact Apple


Brother Driver Downloads

Brother Homepage

Brother Support


Canon Driver Downloads

Canon USA Homepage

Canon User Manuals

Contact Canon


Copystar Downloads

Copystar Homepage

Contact Copystar


Dell Driver Download  

Dell Homepage

Dell Support

Dell Manuals


Epson Driver Download  

Epson Homepage

Epson Support

Epson Manuals


Contact HP

HP Driver Downloads

HP Homepage

HP Manuals


Kodak Driver Download

Kodak Homepage

Kodak Support

Kodak Manuals


Contact Lexmark

Lexmark Driver Downloads

Lexmark Homepage

Lexmark User Manuals


Minolta Driver Download

Minolta Homepage

Minolta Support

Minolta Manuals

NEC NEC Homepage


Okidata Driver Download

Okidata Homepage

Okidata Support

Okidata Manuals


Panasonic Driver Download

Panasonic Homepage

Panasonic Support

Panasonic Manuals


Pitney Bowes Driver Download

Pitney Bowes Homepage

Pitney Bowes Support

Pitney Bowes Manuals


Ricoh Driver Download

Ricoh Homepage

Ricoh Support

Ricoh Manuals


Samsung Driver Download

Samsung Homepage

Samsung Support

Samsung Manuals


Sanyo Homepage

Sanyo Support

Sanyo Manuals


Savin Driver Download

Savin Homepage

Savin Support

Savin Manuals


Sharp Driver Download

Sharp Homepage

Sharp Support

Sharp Manuals


Xerox Driver Download

Xerox Homepage

Xerox Support

Xerox Manuals