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Replacing toner/drum on Brother HL 5250

Here we’re going to work on the Brother HL 5250 Black and White Laser Printer. We’re going to show you how to take out the toner and the drum, replace it and what you should look for when you replace it in the way of cleaning and preparing the new drum and new toner if you’re replacing both those.

Some machines have a display that is going to tell you to replace the toner. When you see that, you obviously know to replace the toner. Sometimes you will find that the pages you are printing become very light or marks will appear on them. That’s obviously another way to tell that it is time to replace the toner.

How do you access to the toner cartridge and the drum? You can always look at the manual to see how to open the door to do this. But in this machine, you would need to open up the front. On a Brother machine there is always a toner cartridge and a drum, and when you are replacing these on the black and white machine (it’s a little bit different on the color machines), the toner and the drum come out as one unit.

Jeff: One of the things, Richard, when they are taking the toner out, if you lift it out just slightly, the toner and drum comes out much easier. So take a second just to grab it, pick it, and pull the unit out.

Richard: So what you got here is the toner and the drum unit and in this case if we’re just replacing the toner, then on the drum you will always find there will be a tab or a lever on the side, sometimes on the right side, sometimes on the left. To release the toner cartridge from the drum, simply press that down and the toner lifts right out of the drum.

Now put the drum to the side, you will inspect that in just a moment. The drum itself can get pretty messy, so you would want to put it in a bag or something. You can bring it to Tonerland and we’ll recycle it or you could take it to another recycling company and they’ll do it. But you don’t want to just throw this in the trash.

Next, take the old toner and put it to the side. Before you put the new toner in, you would want to inspect the drum. And there are somethings you will do to the drum and Jeff will tell you about it.

Jeff: Yes, so the drum is a photo-conducting unit. The photoconductor is what takes the picture, takes a copy of the document that you’ll be printing. Sometimes the drum has scratches; sometimes the drum has void or faded images. The drums usually last about 2 to 4 toners, depending upon if you buy a high yield toner or if you buy a low yield toner. But the main thing to see on the drum is it if it isclear. You can see the drum and its clear and it is bright. Then you know you have a good product and you’re going to be able to continue to have good copy quality. One of the things that we always recommend that people do on the drum unit is clean the corona unit. There’s always a blue lever at the top of the drum unit on every single brother machine. This lever cleans the corona unit. Sometimes when things are being copied or printed, the corona wire gets dirty with toner or paper dust. So what you do is you just take this and move it back and forth, 2 or 3 times. That’ll clean the corona unit and then when you put the new toner in, everything is clean and ready to be used.

Richard: So drum is pretty simple. There’s not a lot you can do with it. If it is bad you can’t clean it, you can’t replace the photoconductor unit. You just replace the drum. And obviously we have the compatible drums for these just as we have compatible toner cartridges. So you save a lot of money just using the compatible drum. So on a new toner cartridge, a new compatible toner cartridge we sell, you are going to find all the components you’re look at, if you are taking out an original brother toner – the same components will be on the compatible. There’d be no difference in how they operate. So if you’re looking at your manual for seeing how to replace it, you can use that as a guideline because it is identical.

Rip the bag open, pull out the toner. Now with brother toner cartridges, to protect the transfer unit in the front, there’ll always be a plastic cover on the front.

Jeff: Right now you have the plastic cover unit for the transfer roller is covered, so take a second and just shake it. Shake your toner - you won’t get toner spilled on you. It is covered and secure, just shake it and make sure that the toner is evenly dispersed. You don’t know if the toner came in the mail like this or you had it on your car. So just take a second, just shake it, then take the unit and put it down and tap it gently a few times. Now we know everything is laying flat and ready to be installed in the drum.

Rich: After that just carefully take that plastic piece off. You’re not going to want to touch the underlying surface, because that is going to have the toner powder on it. It is easy to wash off your hands, andnot going to stain anything. So you’ll you can put the plastic cover on the old toner – the one you’ve taken out of the machine. So you can protect that so you can use that again.

Now to install it back into the drum is very simple. You drop it into the drum unit, and it clicks and that’s all there is to it. If it doesn’t click, then it is not in properly. If you try to put it in wrong, it is not going to fit. It is only going to fit one way – don’t force it. You can see how easy it is to put it in, just drop it in and click.

Jeff: and one thing to also recognize is that the toner cartridge has a handle, so I am able to pick up the toner and the drum unit together. So now they’re all one unit. If you try to put it another way, it is not going to work, it is not going to fit, it is not going to click.

Rich: Is there anything in the machine you should look for before you put in the drum/toner unit.

Jeff: well, there’s always a chance that you might have some excess toner that might have fallen from the old toner cartridge. If it has then take a paper towel and pick it up, and that’s about it. You don’t want to be doing a lot of service. You start maintain you can break a sensor or break a flag and then you have to bring in the machine for repair.

Rich: So now take the drum assembly of the toner and drop it back in (make sure the door to the printer is open). Again, no forcing, there’s only one way it’ll fit. Slide it in and it seats in just like that. Put it in and it is going to lock. That’s all there is.


You can try pulling gently and it won’t come out. After that’s done, close the door back up.

You might wantto do a cycle. On a brother machine, press the GO button – hold it down until all the lights light up - the toner, the drum, the paper, and status light. Then let it go and then it’ll cycle – you’ll be able to hear it. Then it’ll print a sheet and you’ll know you’re ready and you can go back to your normal activities.

And if you look at the page – perfect, beautiful, and everything’s clean and you are ready to go on the new toner.

If you can’t find the owner’s manual remember that on every brother machine, if you open the front of the unit – it tells you exactly what toner goes in there and what drum goes in there. So you should not be confused. It always lets you know what toner and what drum to install in the machine

Richard: Now after you install there are a few occasions, you put in a compatible toner or a compatible drum and the machine may not recognize the drum or the toner. Normally, it’s a simple process to get the machine to recognize it, just by resetting the machine. Simplest way for you to do that is to just turn the machine off and unplug it form the wall. Leave it unplugged for about 20 minutes. Plug it back in, turn it on and let it cycle through. And 8 out of 10 times, it’ll clear up any issues with that.

Jeff: And it’ll reset the printer and it is ready to go.

And most of the Brother machines, the on/off switch are always on the right side of the unit, and the plug is always on the right side. You just turn it off, unplug it, wait 20 minutes, plug it back in and – turn it on, let it do its cycling and you’re ready to go.