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January 29, 2014 by

Xerox already holds approximately 12,000 patents for their innovative technology, but they managed to patent even more in 2013. 1,168 new US patents, to be exact.


Xerox already has an impressive portfolio that enables businesses to simplify and speed up their transactions, which, in turn, enables businesses to grow their bottom line. As they add more patents, they become even more valuable to office productivity.


Does anyone remember when Xerox was synonymous with photocopying? This is because Xerox invented the photocopier. Their first model was the 914, and offices worldwide used the device on a regular basis. Today, businesses simply cannot thrive without some form of photocopier and printer unit.


They also invented the laser printer, which millions of offices use regularly. Many older generations still refer to their laser printers and photocopiers as a Xerox machine, and everyone understands the reference.


Apparently, Xerox also invented the personal computer, but gave away the technology. They are credited with the invention of the graphical user interface, among other innovations, and they have employed some of the most prolific inventors in the history of computers, printers, and other like-minded technology.


With the success of Microsoft and Apple, people assume that at the time, Xerox leaders were insane for giving away the technology, but perhaps they just wanted to concentrate more on the printer and photocopier side of business. Regardless, we can all give thanks to Xerox for paving the way to a more efficient future.



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