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January 20, 2014 by

Have you ever sat down and added up all your printing costs? The ink or toner, the paper, extra parts such as the drum or printheads – these items are costly and add up very quickly, especially if you are working in a high-volume business or office.


We have talked about ways to save costs on printing in the past; it is an important issue that not everyone thinks about, but one that affects many people.  Everyone should understand that there are huge savings waiting to be accumulated, and it doesn’t take much to accomplish.


A good way to start is by purchasing a printer that offers ink or toner efficiency. These printers come equipped with many energy and ink/toner saving options available for use in different printing situations.


You can then set the default options for printing in your office or business, and lock the printer so that it is stuck using the best ink or toner saving options. A password is required for anyone wishing to use different settings. As long as your office employees are on board with keeping the printing costs as low as possible, you should see huge long-term results.


Purchasing low-cost compatible ink or toner cartridges is another great way to save a lot of money on office printing. The savings can be up to 70% off the price of an OEM ink or toner cartridge, making it worth looking into.

December 30, 2013 by

With the sudden and intense popularity of the Doge image macro, printers are working overtime. We are beginning to see the colorful and humorous photos of a Shiba Inu dog, which originated on Reddit, everywhere. Even business and political figures are trying their hand at creating a funny and catchy Doge image.


Many of those images are being printed out and placed in windows, bulletin boards, your office’s staff room, and just about anywhere else you can think of. The image itself is full of color, with the Shiba Inu “Doge” being a yellow-blond color, and a user’s choice of what the background is. As well, you will find the multiple text phrases over the image in every color imaginable – the text can be whatever color the maker chooses.


You will need to stock up on ink, if you are one of the many people who like to print out your image macros. It is also especially useful to purchase cost-effective compatible ink and toner cartridges. If you are the type of person who prints such images on a regular basis, your ink and toner bill will be high, and compatible ink and toner might just save your wallet from a lifetime of emptiness. Search our site to find compatible ink or toner to fit your printer.


For those who don’t know what an image macro is, it can only be described as an image superimposed with text, generally for a humorous effect.

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December 23, 2013 by

While everyone is busy printing holiday-themed cards, flyers, or other types of advertisements, manufacturers of all-in-one ink cartridges are also busy making a lot of money and profit selling replacement ink cartridges.


It is generally always a good idea to purchase a printer that has separate ink tanks. Nothing is more frustrating and wasteful in an office environment than to throw away or recycle an all-in-one ink cartridge that still has a lot of ink left, which you would have to do if you only ran out of one of the colors.


Especially around the holidays, you might find that you are using a lot of reds and greens. You may be left with a good portion of your black ink still in the cartridge while the other colors are low or empty. Rather than having to replace the entire ink cartridge, you would only have to replace the empty colors. It makes sense to use a printer with separate ink tanks with this perspective.


If you are using a printer with only one ink tank, consider purchasing a compatible ink or toner cartridge. They are more cost-effective and it won’t hurt quite as much when you have to replace the entire unit when you are only out of one of the colors.


When you purchase compatible ink or toner cartridges from a reputable retailer such as TonerLand, you are also getting our guarantee that the compatible cartridges will perform just as well as any brand name ink or toner cartridge.

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October 1, 2013 by

In a recent article by, Samsung’s executive vice president, Dr. KiHo Kim, predicted that his company would be leading the industry in A4 printing by 2017. HP currently has the printer market cornered, but Samsung is confident that three years will be enough time to surpass HP.


This is definitely a company to keep an eye on. They are innovative, and it seems they want to take their expertise with mobility and work on bettering their printers in that direction. They feel that since so many people and offices use mobile devices, printers should be able to communicate with them more easily. Samsung aims to make mobile printing easy enough for anyone to do. They would like people to be able to print with a quick tap on their smartphones.


They already have two mobile-minded concept printers made!


Samsung is also working on a new type of printing technology that doesn’t require as many small, moving parts. This is especially good because it will mean less wear and tear, and the units will last for a longer period before servicing or replacing.


Any way you look at it, we, as consumers, will benefit from any new technology produced by Samsung, and HP too if it decides to fight for its number one spot!


Will Samsung be better than HP printers? Whether the goal is accomplished, it will only mean good things for the mobile printing industry.

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September 23, 2013 by

Too many people will try to over-stuff an entire 500-sheet ream of paper into the printer’s paper drawer. Many large machines are equipped to handle this, but some are not.


Even if it looks like there is room in the drawer, don’t put in more paper than what your printer can handle. You will get to know your printer’s capabilities after working with it for a while, and it is always important to read the manual; it will direct you as to the proper amount of paper.


Accepting that your printer may not be able to hold an entire ream may make the difference between printing with ease, and spending two hours trying to remove the little bits of paper that gets stuck in the machine as a result, blocking everyone’s print jobs, copies, and incoming faxes.


Can Cause Damage To Printer Mechanisms 


Pulling out bits of paper from an over-stuffed printer can also harm the small machine parts, causing even further damage. You also don’t want to stick any objects into the machine to poke at any jammed paper. Large multi-function printers are very expensive and manufactured with many small moving parts. Any broken pieces will require a service call; the paper jam will be the least of your worries.


Ideally, you should have more than one printer if your office depends on faxes, scanning, printing, and photocopying. A broken or out of order printer for reasons of being careless is an expensive mistake to make.

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