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January 29, 2014 by

Xerox already holds approximately 12,000 patents for their innovative technology, but they managed to patent even more in 2013. 1,168 new US patents, to be exact.


Xerox already has an impressive portfolio that enables businesses to simplify and speed up their transactions, which, in turn, enables businesses to grow their bottom line. As they add more patents, they become even more valuable to office productivity.


Does anyone remember when Xerox was synonymous with photocopying? This is because Xerox invented the photocopier. Their first model was the 914, and offices worldwide used the device on a regular basis. Today, businesses simply cannot thrive without some form of photocopier and printer unit.


They also invented the laser printer, which millions of offices use regularly. Many older generations still refer to their laser printers and photocopiers as a Xerox machine, and everyone understands the reference.


Apparently, Xerox also invented the personal computer, but gave away the technology. They are credited with the invention of the graphical user interface, among other innovations, and they have employed some of the most prolific inventors in the history of computers, printers, and other like-minded technology.


With the success of Microsoft and Apple, people assume that at the time, Xerox leaders were insane for giving away the technology, but perhaps they just wanted to concentrate more on the printer and photocopier side of business. Regardless, we can all give thanks to Xerox for paving the way to a more efficient future.



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November 15, 2013 by

Xerox has many legally owned patents, which are apparently being infringed upon, and have been for some time. According to Xerox, they are working together with the US Customs and Border Patrol to seize counterfeit products once they cross the border. This has been an ongoing issue and has come up again recently.


More patent-infringing counterfeit Xerox products turned up recently during a raid in China and Dubai. Approximately 55,000 boxes of counterfeit Xerox products were found, and this is only a small portion of what is believed to be in circulation.


A rewards program has been set up for their customers as a way for Xerox to combat counterfeiters. Purchasers of authentic Xerox products can register and enter a code, gaining rewards points redeemable towards future Xerox purchases. They will start you off at 1000 points when you purchase a new printer.


All original equipment manufacturers (OEM) also have issues with compatible cartridges, as they take money away from the manufacturers and most manufacturers make the bulk of their money from selling the OEM ink or toner at an inflated price. However, counterfeit cartridges may pose a risk.


If you do not know where or how the ink or toner cartridges were made, it may mean that were not created in a quality facility using quality components. Only buy compatible ink and toner cartridges from a brand you can trust.

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November 1, 2013 by

There are many major players in the electronic and technological advancements of today’s world. We’ve seen the rise of touch screens, smartphones, and interactive glasses, and we’ve seen many law suits hashed out through the legal system in regards to the patents held by various companies and individuals.


Which company has the most patents? According to the US Patent Office, IBM is the leader, and has been for several years. There is some argument in this however; IBM has apparently abandoned or failed to renew thousands of their submitted patents.


This suggests that it is actually Samsung who holds the most patents, who has been in second place, behind IBM, for years. This makes sense too, as Samsung has been involved in all areas of technological advancement in today’s world.


According to IAM Magazine, Samsung actually holds closer to 45,000 current patents, while IBM retains approximately 38,500.


IBM is said to use its number of patents to its advantage whether or not they renew them. It looks good in headlines to always be in the number one spot, and most people don’t realize that the companies don’t actually own the patents anymore if they don’t pay the maintenance or renewal fees to keep them current.


For a comparative example, Apple “only” owns around 6,500 patents.

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