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January 8, 2014 by

Did you know that the colors you choose when designing graphics on your computer are not interchangeable with the spot colors used by offset printing presses? The colors you see on your computer are generally showing in mixed CMYK values – meaning that your ink color is made up of a combination of the four ink colors used by a regular process printer, whereas the colors used by offset printers (Pantone colors) are generally standardized solid colors. The numerical/alphabetical values vary from CMYK to Pantone colors as well.


If you are designing your own graphics, or having a design made up for you in a specific color, you will have to choose your color and then convert it to the closest matching standard spot color. This isn’t a complicated process, but a process that ensures that you will end up receiving your prints in the color you intended.


First off, begin by calibrating your monitor to make sure that you are seeing the colors accurately. When you have found a color that you think will be perfect for your logo or other graphics, find the color’s CMYK values. One easy way to choose is to use this CMYK color value chart. Then all you have to do is use a free online CMYK to Pantone converter to obtain the Pantone color code.

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