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January 27, 2014 by

If your small or medium-sized office is looking for faster printing, two of HP’s printers hold the Guinness World Record as the fastest printers to complete the printing of 500 pages by a color desktop printer.


The models, both Officejet Pro editions, are the X551dw and the X576dw. They jointly achieved the record by each printing 500 pages in seven minutes and 19 seconds. We’ll save you from doing the math; this speed works out to less than one second per page – .878 seconds per page, to be exact.


They tested the printers in April of 2012, so these two printer models are literally the fastest color desktop printers today. If you think you have found a quicker printer model, let the printer manufacturer or Guinness World Records know about it!


Both all-in-one models are well suited to service a small or medium-sized office or business, and are packed with features. The X-series of Hewlett-Packard printers use PageWide technology, which cuts down on the wear and tear on your printer’s small moving parts.


Rather than moving back and forth across the paper when printing, PageWide printheads are stationary with 42,000 individual nozzles that are spread out above the full width of the paper. This allows them to get the ink onto the paper with a single pass.


There is no doubt that PageWide technology assists with the faster printing speeds. It is exciting to think about what other technology can be applied to create even faster printing, although .878 seconds per page is certainly nothing to scoff at.

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December 17, 2013 by

Generally speaking, all home offices and small or medium-sized businesses need a printer to help their business run smoothly. The extra features such as fax capabilities and the ability to scan or photocopy can cost extra money, and you may be wondering if you need them, or if you should only purchase a standard printer unit without all the fuss.


So, do you need a multi-function printer? In most offices, the answer is yes. You will run into situations where you need to send or receive a fax, or make scans or photocopies of documents, and if you don’t have a multi-function printer at the ready, you will spend precious time running around trying to find an outlet to do it for you, as well as money to pay for the services.


In most cases, purchasing a multi-function printer won’t cost much more than a regular printer-only unit, and can save you costs and grief in the end. Most offices and businesses use multi-function printers ranging in size from tiny desktops to large floor models, depending on the amount of business activity.


For a price comparison, look at the following printer-only and multi-function units. This HP printer-only unit costs $159.99. A similar HP multi-function unit actually costs $10 less, at $149.99. The specs are similar enough to each other where you won’t notice any significant differences during use.


Try shopping around, chances are that you will find a great and affordable multi-function printer that suits the needs of your home office or business.

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December 4, 2013 by

IT ProPortal chose the HP Pro X551dw as the best small office inkjet printer for 2013. It is a high-end multi-function unit best noted for its speed, paper-handling, quality, low per-page printing cost, and its offer of mobile printing.


The HP Pro X551dw is a sleek, albeit larger desktop printer that will fit in with the rest of your office décor. It uses PageWide technology, which means that the printhead will run the full width of your paper. The printhead is permanent so the only costs will be from the ink itself.


HP Pro X551dw printer uses USB, Ethernet, and wireless connectivity, and works with HP’s ePrint Center. HP manufacturers quote a text print speed of up to 70 pages per minute, very quick. HP also quotes a 42 page per minute printing speed if you are printing text and graphics. These quotes intend to show the speed after the printer prepares itself, which can take a bit.


The unit offers everything a small business needs – duplex printing, photo printing, direct printing from a USB, a 550-sheet paper capacity, a 4-cartridge ink system, a touchscreen, and 75,000 page per month print cycle.


If your office or small business is looking for a new printer, the HP Pro X551dw printer is a model to look for.

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December 2, 2013 by

HP has been manufacturing some great products in the recent past. We’ve seen the accessory for facilitating mobile printing with older HP printer models, and now they have released a new portable mobile printer model to copy, print, and scan on the go.


The HP OfficeJet 150 is an updated version of their OfficeJet 100, with additional features such as the ability to scan and copy.


The mobile printers are not known for their speed however, they more than make up for speed with the convenience of printing, scanning, and copying documents on the go. The HP OfficeJet 150 offers a print speed of up to 5 pages per minute in monochrome and 3.5 pages per minute in color.


It connects via USB for Windows, Mac, and Linux, and is equipped with Bluetooth 2.0 so it works with most Windows, Blackberry, Android, and iOS devices. Along with a 65w power pack, it comes with a battery that can print up to 500 pages between charges.


The OfficeJet 150 can print photos and holds 50 sheets of regular printer paper, or 3 envelopes. It offers direct photo printing via PictBridge, and uses a color touchscreen for ease and printing accessibility. You can also choose an optional car charger.


With its compact design, any on the go small business can make use of the convenience offered by the HP OfficeJet 150. It has even been recommended for anyone who has little space and doesn’t need to print at high volume.

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November 25, 2013 by

Good news for those people who still use an older printer and can’t justify buying a new one, just for the use of mobile printing. HP has released an accessory that will allow you to print from your mobile devices on an older printer that generally doesn’t support mobile printing.


Priced at $69.99, the device allows your smartphone to connect with the router in a standard HP printer through wireless direct connections. More than 40 million HP printers manufactured after 2008 are suitable candidates for use with this new device.


The 1200w Mobile Print Accessory extends the life of your older HP printer by a few years and offers convenience to everyone in your home or office that uses a smartphone. Small Business Trends’ Chief Technology Officer Leland McFarland says that this technology will be added to all future HP models.


This technology, while still costly for some, saves a lot of people money who would otherwise have to purchase a new printer to keep up with the demands of needing mobile printing in a fast-paced office environment.


Even better, the device allows Near Field Communication so your device can connect with the printer simply by being in close proximity, usually touching each other.


Read the full article.

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November 20, 2013 by

HP announced that the company would be entering the 3D printing market in mid-2014. Hewlett-Packard is a huge, reputable organization and the news must be making some of the smaller 3D printer companies a bit nervous.


I can’t think of many HP failures and their idea of a fast and affordable 3D printer will most likely catch on quickly; most people who would be using printers are familiar with the brand and would choose it over an unknown brand.


HP is also a gigantic company with enough resources to push their products through mass advertising campaigns, and to quickly manufacture the printers in bulk to reduce costs. Everyone likes a deal, everyone knows HP, and the lower cost alone is enough to attract buyers.


HP also has the ability to manufacture the 3D printers at a speed not easily matched by their smaller counterparts. With facilities all over the world, HP will have no problems keeping up with demand, and may even see business from others who do not want to wait for their chosen products to become available from smaller producers.


It remains to be seen whether HP can produce a superior 3D printer, but they are serious about trying. The HP labs are in the process of developing a variant to the models we see today.

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October 1, 2013 by

In a recent article by, Samsung’s executive vice president, Dr. KiHo Kim, predicted that his company would be leading the industry in A4 printing by 2017. HP currently has the printer market cornered, but Samsung is confident that three years will be enough time to surpass HP.


This is definitely a company to keep an eye on. They are innovative, and it seems they want to take their expertise with mobility and work on bettering their printers in that direction. They feel that since so many people and offices use mobile devices, printers should be able to communicate with them more easily. Samsung aims to make mobile printing easy enough for anyone to do. They would like people to be able to print with a quick tap on their smartphones.


They already have two mobile-minded concept printers made!


Samsung is also working on a new type of printing technology that doesn’t require as many small, moving parts. This is especially good because it will mean less wear and tear, and the units will last for a longer period before servicing or replacing.


Any way you look at it, we, as consumers, will benefit from any new technology produced by Samsung, and HP too if it decides to fight for its number one spot!


Will Samsung be better than HP printers? Whether the goal is accomplished, it will only mean good things for the mobile printing industry.

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