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January 27, 2014 by

If your small or medium-sized office is looking for faster printing, two of HP’s printers hold the Guinness World Record as the fastest printers to complete the printing of 500 pages by a color desktop printer.


The models, both Officejet Pro editions, are the X551dw and the X576dw. They jointly achieved the record by each printing 500 pages in seven minutes and 19 seconds. We’ll save you from doing the math; this speed works out to less than one second per page – .878 seconds per page, to be exact.


They tested the printers in April of 2012, so these two printer models are literally the fastest color desktop printers today. If you think you have found a quicker printer model, let the printer manufacturer or Guinness World Records know about it!


Both all-in-one models are well suited to service a small or medium-sized office or business, and are packed with features. The X-series of Hewlett-Packard printers use PageWide technology, which cuts down on the wear and tear on your printer’s small moving parts.


Rather than moving back and forth across the paper when printing, PageWide printheads are stationary with 42,000 individual nozzles that are spread out above the full width of the paper. This allows them to get the ink onto the paper with a single pass.


There is no doubt that PageWide technology assists with the faster printing speeds. It is exciting to think about what other technology can be applied to create even faster printing, although .878 seconds per page is certainly nothing to scoff at.

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