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January 16, 2014 by

If you have a spare $5000, 3DSystems is releasing a kitchen-ready food printer called the ChefJet, sometime later this year. It is geared more towards master chefs, bakers, and other high-end food preparers, but it will be available to anyone who can afford it.


It is very much worth mentioning that the $5000 counter-top ChefJet only prints in monochrome. If you want to get fancy and produce color, there is another model, the ChefJet Pro edition, costing almost $10,000 that will print in full color.


The ChefJet Pro will allow you to print the full CMYK color spectrum, with food-safe color dyes. With the purchase of either unit, you will receive what 3DSystems refers to as a Digital Cookbook, which is full of basic shapes that you can use as is, or tweak to your specifications.


While much larger than your average desktop printer, the ChefJet food printer is smaller than an oven; it’s made to fit on a counter-top. It would still be large and out-of-place in a regular home-sized kitchen though, unless you have somewhere dedicated to place it.


You could really mess with your taste buds with one of these food printers. For example, you could print a steak or hamburger out of chocolate; I wonder how strange it would be to eat!

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