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February 6, 2014 by

Just to make things confusing, Microsoft renamed the online versions of Word and Excel; they are now known as Office Online. Anyone who has followed Microsoft over the years knows that they have a real love for name changes, and the name changes don’t always make sense to the consumer.


They only just recently changed the name of their online storage from Skydrive to OneDrive, and history tells us that they aren’t finished rebranding.


Microsoft Office Live was the first online edition, which later branched into two parts – Office Live Workspace, and Office Live Small Business. Office Live Workspace became Skydrive (now OneDrive) and the Office Web Apps, and Office Live Small Business, a paid version, became Office 365.


For an example of the strange name scheme, the XBox One is the third edition to the XBox family. Many people refer to the first XBox as the Xbox One, which makes it difficult to have a conversation about the XBoxes without first agreeing on the proper name to collectively refer to each edition.


Even Microsoft’s operating system names are all over the place. They began with a simple numbering system (1,2,3.1) that developed into a year-based name (95, 98, 2000), which eventually turned into random letters (ME, XP) before using random words (Vista), and then fell back into a numbering system (7, 8). Confusing!


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November 27, 2013 by

If you use both Microsoft Office and a Windows phone, there is now an app available to turn your phone into a remote control to use with MS Office, specifically with PowerPoint, Excel, and Word.


The app is especially useful when giving office presentations using PowerPoint. Your phone can control the slides and presentation from across the room so you no longer need to stay close to your computer or carry a mouse and find a flat surface to use it.


You can use the app to bring up supporting documents in Excel or Word in the middle of your presentations. You can scroll through the documents page by page and even line by line. You can also control an on-screen laser pointer. Even those people who aren’t a fan of Microsoft have to admit, this is a great idea.


The requirements include a Windows 8 phone, Office 2013(all versions except Office 2013 RT), a Bluetooth-enabled PC, and the installation of the desktop add-in for Office Remote on your PC.


The app was released on November 18th, 2013 and you can find it at the Windows Phone Store. Read Microsoft’s full blog post.

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