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November 25, 2013 by

Good news for those people who still use an older printer and can’t justify buying a new one, just for the use of mobile printing. HP has released an accessory that will allow you to print from your mobile devices on an older printer that generally doesn’t support mobile printing.


Priced at $69.99, the device allows your smartphone to connect with the router in a standard HP printer through wireless direct connections. More than 40 million HP printers manufactured after 2008 are suitable candidates for use with this new device.


The 1200w Mobile Print Accessory extends the life of your older HP printer by a few years and offers convenience to everyone in your home or office that uses a smartphone. Small Business Trends’ Chief Technology Officer Leland McFarland says that this technology will be added to all future HP models.


This technology, while still costly for some, saves a lot of people money who would otherwise have to purchase a new printer to keep up with the demands of needing mobile printing in a fast-paced office environment.


Even better, the device allows Near Field Communication so your device can connect with the printer simply by being in close proximity, usually touching each other.


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