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September 18, 2013 by

Don’t Worry – It’s Easy To Clean Up Spilled Toner If You Have An Accident!


If you are the person responsible for replacing the toner cartridges, you have probably gotten dirty more than once. Toner powder seems to find its way onto everything near it, even while in an enclosed case. This is especially bothersome as you are generally wearing your nice office clothes when it happens.


If you do get any toner on your skin and clothing, don’t panic and start wiping at it; smearing it in will only make the situation worse. Since it is a powder, you can blow off the excess (not with heat), or you can place your hand inside the garment and gently knock the powder out of the material.


Use Cold Water Only


There may still be some residual powder left over. Head to the bathroom, and using the coldest water possible, wash it off without rubbing it in. Cleaning the toner off may be easier if you remove the garment and run the water through from the inside, but this is not always a feasible option.


If the affected clothing is dry-clean only, take care not to rub in the powder, and make sure to let the drycleaner know of the areas before any work is done. If the clothing is machine washable, use the appliance’s coldest setting.


Remember: toner powder will fuse and bond in heat and you won’t be able to remove it once this happens.

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