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Generally speaking, all home offices and small or medium-sized businesses need a printer to help their business run smoothly. The extra features such as fax capabilities and the ability to scan or photocopy can cost extra money, and you may be wondering if you need them, or if you should only purchase a standard printer unit without all the fuss.


So, do you need a multi-function printer? In most offices, the answer is yes. You will run into situations where you need to send or receive a fax, or make scans or photocopies of documents, and if you don’t have a multi-function printer at the ready, you will spend precious time running around trying to find an outlet to do it for you, as well as money to pay for the services.


In most cases, purchasing a multi-function printer won’t cost much more than a regular printer-only unit, and can save you costs and grief in the end. Most offices and businesses use multi-function printers ranging in size from tiny desktops to large floor models, depending on the amount of business activity.


For a price comparison, look at the following printer-only and multi-function units. This HP printer-only unit costs $159.99. A similar HP multi-function unit actually costs $10 less, at $149.99. The specs are similar enough to each other where you won’t notice any significant differences during use.


Try shopping around, chances are that you will find a great and affordable multi-function printer that suits the needs of your home office or business.

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