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October 2, 2013 by

Do you remember how careful you had to be when using a typewriter to create documents? Making a mistake would leave a noticeable area on the paper, and having to edit a page meant you would have to type out the entire sheet again.


We got lucky when computers and printers came around. You can make changes, as many times as you want, without retyping the whole document or page, and your finished product will always look professional.


Some people miss using a typewriter however, even though they can be a real pain – your ink ribbon somehow works its way out of place, or the arms holding the letters get jammed up and you have to stop to fix them. Not to mention the paper jams. Manual typewriters are not always the quickest way to create a document.


A USB Typewriter – Doesn’t Require An Ink Ribbon Or Paper


For those people who want their chosen alphabetic characters to make that familiar “clacking” sound, and enjoy the feel of a typewriter’s keyboard layout, a typewriter that doesn’t need an ink ribbon has been created. USB typewriters are now available for purchase.


They are sold as whole working units, or you may buy a do-it-yourself kit and convert one of your own. You may still use an ink ribbon and paper if you wish, but you have the option of saving your work for easier editing later.


Anyone using a tablet can place it directly on the typewriter where the paper would normally be, or you can situate the unit right in front of a monitor, if you are on a desktop PC.

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September 25, 2013 by

Many offices will have memos hanging everywhere, some with valuable information, and others, not so much. It can make your office look cluttered, and uses expensive items in the process.


Using email rather than printing out memos is another great way to save on ink, toner, and paper costs. As sender of the email, you can even request that the recipients make it known to you that they have read and acknowledged it, and keep a digital record of said acknowledgement.


Try sending memos through email instead. You will save both time and money, and your office will be more aesthetically pleasing. Appearance matters to prospective customers.


As well, you might consider setting up your email to send the same memo message at pre-determined intervals, to avoid people using the excuse that they “forgot” or “didn’t see the memo”. If you also use the above idea about configuring your email to require the recipients to acknowledge your messages, you know your employees have seen it.


Any extremely important messages may still be better off with a hard copy left near the site. Fire exit routes, safety precautions, etc., are all easily forgotten if an emergency should arise, and are, in many cases, mandatory in your state or city.

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September 23, 2013 by

Too many people will try to over-stuff an entire 500-sheet ream of paper into the printer’s paper drawer. Many large machines are equipped to handle this, but some are not.


Even if it looks like there is room in the drawer, don’t put in more paper than what your printer can handle. You will get to know your printer’s capabilities after working with it for a while, and it is always important to read the manual; it will direct you as to the proper amount of paper.


Accepting that your printer may not be able to hold an entire ream may make the difference between printing with ease, and spending two hours trying to remove the little bits of paper that gets stuck in the machine as a result, blocking everyone’s print jobs, copies, and incoming faxes.


Can Cause Damage To Printer Mechanisms 


Pulling out bits of paper from an over-stuffed printer can also harm the small machine parts, causing even further damage. You also don’t want to stick any objects into the machine to poke at any jammed paper. Large multi-function printers are very expensive and manufactured with many small moving parts. Any broken pieces will require a service call; the paper jam will be the least of your worries.


Ideally, you should have more than one printer if your office depends on faxes, scanning, printing, and photocopying. A broken or out of order printer for reasons of being careless is an expensive mistake to make.

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September 20, 2013 by

When looking to purchase paper for your home and office printing needs, a quick Google search for “printer paper sales” will tell you which retailers have the cheapest prices at the time. In many cases, you will be required to register as a member to earn the savings, but signing up is free and often worth it, especially if you will be buying paper on a regular basis. These sites will frequently allow you to build up member points, which are redeemable toward future purchases.


Office Depot just had an online sale where you purchase two 10-ream cases for $41.99 each and get the third box free.  This deal works out to $2.79 per ream of 500 sheets. There is a limit of two free boxes; in a smaller home or office environment, this may be enough. These sales are constantly coming and going, making it is wise to do a few minutes of internet research before you buy – many retailers offer similar deals. This takes the worry out of missing a sale; other retailers will eventually have a sale of their own.


They also have decent prices regularly for bulk paper buyers. If you are a larger office, you may look into Office Depot’s 40-carton pallet. $1200 will get you 400 reams of printer paper, 500 sheets each, at a cost of only $3 per ream. You won’t have to scour the internet for deals and the best part is they offer free shipping on orders above $50, in most cases.


Remember to check for current prices before you buy, online sales and prices change often, and no one wants to be stuck with an unanticipated bill.

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