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January 20, 2014 by

Have you ever sat down and added up all your printing costs? The ink or toner, the paper, extra parts such as the drum or printheads – these items are costly and add up very quickly, especially if you are working in a high-volume business or office.


We have talked about ways to save costs on printing in the past; it is an important issue that not everyone thinks about, but one that affects many people.  Everyone should understand that there are huge savings waiting to be accumulated, and it doesn’t take much to accomplish.


A good way to start is by purchasing a printer that offers ink or toner efficiency. These printers come equipped with many energy and ink/toner saving options available for use in different printing situations.


You can then set the default options for printing in your office or business, and lock the printer so that it is stuck using the best ink or toner saving options. A password is required for anyone wishing to use different settings. As long as your office employees are on board with keeping the printing costs as low as possible, you should see huge long-term results.


Purchasing low-cost compatible ink or toner cartridges is another great way to save a lot of money on office printing. The savings can be up to 70% off the price of an OEM ink or toner cartridge, making it worth looking into.

December 23, 2013 by

While everyone is busy printing holiday-themed cards, flyers, or other types of advertisements, manufacturers of all-in-one ink cartridges are also busy making a lot of money and profit selling replacement ink cartridges.


It is generally always a good idea to purchase a printer that has separate ink tanks. Nothing is more frustrating and wasteful in an office environment than to throw away or recycle an all-in-one ink cartridge that still has a lot of ink left, which you would have to do if you only ran out of one of the colors.


Especially around the holidays, you might find that you are using a lot of reds and greens. You may be left with a good portion of your black ink still in the cartridge while the other colors are low or empty. Rather than having to replace the entire ink cartridge, you would only have to replace the empty colors. It makes sense to use a printer with separate ink tanks with this perspective.


If you are using a printer with only one ink tank, consider purchasing a compatible ink or toner cartridge. They are more cost-effective and it won’t hurt quite as much when you have to replace the entire unit when you are only out of one of the colors.


When you purchase compatible ink or toner cartridges from a reputable retailer such as TonerLand, you are also getting our guarantee that the compatible cartridges will perform just as well as any brand name ink or toner cartridge.

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September 25, 2013 by

Many offices will have memos hanging everywhere, some with valuable information, and others, not so much. It can make your office look cluttered, and uses expensive items in the process.


Using email rather than printing out memos is another great way to save on ink, toner, and paper costs. As sender of the email, you can even request that the recipients make it known to you that they have read and acknowledged it, and keep a digital record of said acknowledgement.


Try sending memos through email instead. You will save both time and money, and your office will be more aesthetically pleasing. Appearance matters to prospective customers.


As well, you might consider setting up your email to send the same memo message at pre-determined intervals, to avoid people using the excuse that they “forgot” or “didn’t see the memo”. If you also use the above idea about configuring your email to require the recipients to acknowledge your messages, you know your employees have seen it.


Any extremely important messages may still be better off with a hard copy left near the site. Fire exit routes, safety precautions, etc., are all easily forgotten if an emergency should arise, and are, in many cases, mandatory in your state or city.

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September 17, 2013 by

Many offices don’t pay a lot of attention to the settings on their multi-function printers. The default settings may not always be in tune with optimum toner life span, and you could be wasting precious and expensive materials without even realizing it.


Think about how many incoming faxes are printing through your machines, many of them being spam. Do you really need those faxes to print at the darkest setting?  Or the photocopies your employees make for their own need – they generally get thrown away or shredded after only a small amount of use. These documents don’t need to be printed at the darkest setting either.


Adjust Your Printer’s Default Settings


If you adjust the density, you will instantly save on toner, and money, with every single sheet of paper that prints through your machine. This can add up to huge savings over time. You can raise the toner density when you notice the color is too light, to get more life out of the cartridge.


Try lowering the default settings on your machine for all in-house prints and copies, even just a little bit – you probably won’t even notice. It’s not difficult to raise the toner density for any copies or prints going to customers or other important people when you need to. If necessary, a reminder memo located close to the machine will assist people in remembering to change it.


Many printers also come with toner-saving options of their own. Read your manual for any tips specific to your model.

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August 16, 2013 by

If you don’t already know, you should. Printer ink is, ounce for ounce, perhaps the most expensive liquid on the planet. More expensive than the best champagne and even pricier than human blood!

But is your printer wasting ink in between its printing jobs? Yes it is!

Consumer reports did an extensive test recently where they tested various printers under different duty cycles. It turns out that every printer wastes a lot of ink for its maintenance. Some more than others. The worst ones wasted as much as $120 worth of ink annually while printing nothing!

Their tips to save on this wastage? Try to bunch your print jobs together, instead of printing a few pages at a time. More importantly, keep your printer on even if you are not printing. The small amount of power that you will save by switching your printer off will be more than offset by the ink wasted during the power-on cycle.


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