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January 13, 2014 by

Many people are excited at the thought of 3D printing and all of the wonderful things it promises. So far, we have seen the printing of food, jewelry, guns, and artificial human organs. This is amazing and there are new breakthroughs every day.


There are also many people who are probably not as happy about the capabilities of 3D printing, especially those who manufacture products for resale and depend on the money they make from their businesses.


The worry evolves into something real when 3D printing becomes more widely available and affordable for the general population. Right now, the 3D printers and various “ink” products they use are expensive and not able to be included in most peoples’ budgets, however, like any other product, the price will drop considerably after a period of time.


When more people have their own 3D printer, or regular access to one, and the available types of “inks” expands, they will begin printing their own products rather than buying them.


Products such as clothing, shoes, eyeglasses, kitchen utensils, containers, etc., will be easy enough to make yourself, therefore eliminating the need for the amount of retail outlets we have today. This means that businesses will have to close and many people will be out of a job.


3D printing is still far enough away from the general population where you don’t have to worry much as a business owner, but it is definitely something to keep in mind when planning for the future.

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