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December 30, 2013 by

With the sudden and intense popularity of the Doge image macro, printers are working overtime. We are beginning to see the colorful and humorous photos of a Shiba Inu dog, which originated on Reddit, everywhere. Even business and political figures are trying their hand at creating a funny and catchy Doge image.


Many of those images are being printed out and placed in windows, bulletin boards, your office’s staff room, and just about anywhere else you can think of. The image itself is full of color, with the Shiba Inu “Doge” being a yellow-blond color, and a user’s choice of what the background is. As well, you will find the multiple text phrases over the image in every color imaginable – the text can be whatever color the maker chooses.


You will need to stock up on ink, if you are one of the many people who like to print out your image macros. It is also especially useful to purchase cost-effective compatible ink and toner cartridges. If you are the type of person who prints such images on a regular basis, your ink and toner bill will be high, and compatible ink and toner might just save your wallet from a lifetime of emptiness. Search our site to find compatible ink or toner to fit your printer.


For those who don’t know what an image macro is, it can only be described as an image superimposed with text, generally for a humorous effect.

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December 26, 2013 by

Canon is ranked as the best company in 2013 for customer satisfaction. The ranking, given by J.D. Power Satisfaction Report, is specifically geared towards Canon’s PIXMA multi-function inkjet printers.


In August of 2013, J.D. Power surveyed 2,318 consumers and business consumers who have used or purchased the products or services being rated. The consensus is that Canon’s PIXMA multi-function inkjet printers performed the best out of the following categories: performance, reliability, ease of operation, variety of features, price, and customer service.


Canon’s executive vice-president and general manager Yuichi Ishizuka says that Canon is honored to receive the highest ranking in customer service. Consumers provided opinions of four different brands, and achieving the highest rank is certainly an honor, and one that Canon can carry with them throughout the whole year.


The PIXMA multi-function inkjet lineup consists of many different feature-rich units, at affordable prices for any home, home office, or small business. You also have the added reassurance that many other users have deemed Canon to stand behind their products and provide exemplary customer service, in the event that something should go wrong.


A quick search of the Canon website shows that there are currently 63 different models to choose from in the PIXMA multi-function printer lineup. You are sure to find at least one that catches your eye and has the features you and your office require.

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December 23, 2013 by

While everyone is busy printing holiday-themed cards, flyers, or other types of advertisements, manufacturers of all-in-one ink cartridges are also busy making a lot of money and profit selling replacement ink cartridges.


It is generally always a good idea to purchase a printer that has separate ink tanks. Nothing is more frustrating and wasteful in an office environment than to throw away or recycle an all-in-one ink cartridge that still has a lot of ink left, which you would have to do if you only ran out of one of the colors.


Especially around the holidays, you might find that you are using a lot of reds and greens. You may be left with a good portion of your black ink still in the cartridge while the other colors are low or empty. Rather than having to replace the entire ink cartridge, you would only have to replace the empty colors. It makes sense to use a printer with separate ink tanks with this perspective.


If you are using a printer with only one ink tank, consider purchasing a compatible ink or toner cartridge. They are more cost-effective and it won’t hurt quite as much when you have to replace the entire unit when you are only out of one of the colors.


When you purchase compatible ink or toner cartridges from a reputable retailer such as TonerLand, you are also getting our guarantee that the compatible cartridges will perform just as well as any brand name ink or toner cartridge.

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December 19, 2013 by

Epson President Minoru Usui is making bold statements that allude to companies such as Apple and Samsung being copycats of each other. Usui claims that when you open up the gadgets created by the technological giants Apple and Samsung, the parts are essentially the same with only the design and software used as the only real differences.


Usui wants Epson known as the company that creates original technology. He aspires to create things that other companies cannot. This involves moving past the printers they are known for manufacturing, and into the area of wearables. According to, Minoru Usui is said to be creating products that can track changes in your body over time. Epson is busy creating a type of wearable glasses that they say is superior to Google Glass.


Epson registered 17,890 patents between January 2010 and December 2012. Usui says that Epson’s patent policy states that patents have to lead to an output, meaning that they don’t register as many patents as they can in hopes of earning money from lawsuits when people cross into their patent territory.


Epson, who currently has their hand in manufacturing many technologies such as printers, is already working with a start-up company in Silicon Valley that is using Epson’s technology to manufacture the optics for the glasses, which will allow users to take part in virtual gaming, facial recognition, and 3D visualizations.

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December 17, 2013 by

Generally speaking, all home offices and small or medium-sized businesses need a printer to help their business run smoothly. The extra features such as fax capabilities and the ability to scan or photocopy can cost extra money, and you may be wondering if you need them, or if you should only purchase a standard printer unit without all the fuss.


So, do you need a multi-function printer? In most offices, the answer is yes. You will run into situations where you need to send or receive a fax, or make scans or photocopies of documents, and if you don’t have a multi-function printer at the ready, you will spend precious time running around trying to find an outlet to do it for you, as well as money to pay for the services.


In most cases, purchasing a multi-function printer won’t cost much more than a regular printer-only unit, and can save you costs and grief in the end. Most offices and businesses use multi-function printers ranging in size from tiny desktops to large floor models, depending on the amount of business activity.


For a price comparison, look at the following printer-only and multi-function units. This HP printer-only unit costs $159.99. A similar HP multi-function unit actually costs $10 less, at $149.99. The specs are similar enough to each other where you won’t notice any significant differences during use.


Try shopping around, chances are that you will find a great and affordable multi-function printer that suits the needs of your home office or business.

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December 11, 2013 by

Epson recently announced its mobile-printing support for the Kindle Fire through an integrated wireless print solution in the Kindle Fire HD and the Kindle Fire HDX tablets. Your new Kindle Fire just got a lot more useful.


Many of Epson’s connect-enabled printers now offer the mobile-printing capabilities for the new line of Kindle Fire tablets with a free software download through Amazon. The free download, Amazon Fire OS 3.1, takes your Kindle Fire from a leisure and entertainment device to one capable of offering the necessities in a work or home office environment.


The new Kindle Fire tablets are the first Amazon devices to offer built-in wireless printing. You can now produce quality prints at home, directly from your Kindle Fire with little effort. The connect-enabled Epson printers are easy to set up and only take a few seconds.


This potentially makes your choice of suitable tablets for purchase larger and possibly more difficult to decide which is best for you. For work-related duties, the Kindle Fire offers the ability to check your email, view documents created using the MS Office suite, keyboard and mouse support via Bluetooth, and accessing your company’s network remotely, among other benefits.


Which tablet will you choose, and why?

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December 9, 2013 by

Canon is certainly trying their best to be industry leaders in the printer manufacturing industry. They have unveiled new models in a series of monochrome high-speed and high-volume printers, which promises even more efficiency and superb prints.


The Océ VarioPrint 6000 series is equipped with Océ Gemini Instant Duplex Technology, meaning that both sides of the paper print at the same time, effectively doubling the speed of your duplex print jobs. Using the top speed model in the series, this could mean printing speeds of up to 306 pages-per-minute.


An optional dual paper tray allows room for up to 24,000 pages. This option offers long unattended printing times and if 24,000 pages aren’t enough, there is another optional tray, which makes room for 75,000 pages.


Canon’s Océ VarioPrint 6320+ printer is already the world’s most productive digital duplex printer. The newest technology added includes a more powerful processor that allows 30% faster speeds during complex print jobs over the previous processor. As well, the user interface shows the printer schedule for up to eight hours, allowing users to prioritize the waiting print jobs.


The series also possesses a cost-effective use of paper, toner, and energy – good for both the environment and your wallet. For more information on the new models, visit our source.

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December 4, 2013 by

IT ProPortal chose the HP Pro X551dw as the best small office inkjet printer for 2013. It is a high-end multi-function unit best noted for its speed, paper-handling, quality, low per-page printing cost, and its offer of mobile printing.


The HP Pro X551dw is a sleek, albeit larger desktop printer that will fit in with the rest of your office décor. It uses PageWide technology, which means that the printhead will run the full width of your paper. The printhead is permanent so the only costs will be from the ink itself.


HP Pro X551dw printer uses USB, Ethernet, and wireless connectivity, and works with HP’s ePrint Center. HP manufacturers quote a text print speed of up to 70 pages per minute, very quick. HP also quotes a 42 page per minute printing speed if you are printing text and graphics. These quotes intend to show the speed after the printer prepares itself, which can take a bit.


The unit offers everything a small business needs – duplex printing, photo printing, direct printing from a USB, a 550-sheet paper capacity, a 4-cartridge ink system, a touchscreen, and 75,000 page per month print cycle.


If your office or small business is looking for a new printer, the HP Pro X551dw printer is a model to look for.

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December 2, 2013 by

HP has been manufacturing some great products in the recent past. We’ve seen the accessory for facilitating mobile printing with older HP printer models, and now they have released a new portable mobile printer model to copy, print, and scan on the go.


The HP OfficeJet 150 is an updated version of their OfficeJet 100, with additional features such as the ability to scan and copy.


The mobile printers are not known for their speed however, they more than make up for speed with the convenience of printing, scanning, and copying documents on the go. The HP OfficeJet 150 offers a print speed of up to 5 pages per minute in monochrome and 3.5 pages per minute in color.


It connects via USB for Windows, Mac, and Linux, and is equipped with Bluetooth 2.0 so it works with most Windows, Blackberry, Android, and iOS devices. Along with a 65w power pack, it comes with a battery that can print up to 500 pages between charges.


The OfficeJet 150 can print photos and holds 50 sheets of regular printer paper, or 3 envelopes. It offers direct photo printing via PictBridge, and uses a color touchscreen for ease and printing accessibility. You can also choose an optional car charger.


With its compact design, any on the go small business can make use of the convenience offered by the HP OfficeJet 150. It has even been recommended for anyone who has little space and doesn’t need to print at high volume.

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