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October 30, 2013 by

Brother has introduced a new workgroup-focused inkjet printer with breakthrough capabilities. The HL-S7000DN inkjet model is comparable in speed and per-page printing costs with laser printers, which have previously cornered the market for medium – large sized workgroups and offices.


The new high-speed Brother inkjet printer with low-cost printing offers workgroups and offices the ability to save time, energy, and money – three things that all offices and workgroups can benefit from.


This new model prints monochrome pages at impressive speeds of up to 100 pages per minute, while also offering an environmentally friendly 66% reduction in energy costs. Brother’s HL-S7000DN offers incredibly low-cost prints at less than 1¢ per page (monochrome), which is often cheaper than its laser printing counterparts.


Its features are more than just speed and cost-effectiveness however. It offers 2-sided printing, wireless and Ethernet connectivity, a 600-sheet paper capacity, expandable to 2,100 sheets with optional additional paper trays, professional-quality output, and a high monthly volume printing capability.


The HL-S7000DN offers much to offices and workgroups, giving you the option of being able to replace your existing printer(s) with one cost-effective unit.

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October 29, 2013 by

We’ve all had the displeasure of running into an error message on our printer when we are in the middle of a print job. Printers will completely shut down and refuse to do anything when an error message shows.


Trouble-shooting your printer is not as difficult as you might think, although it is easy to get caught up in the stress of the situation, especially if your prints are time-sensitive and you don’t have time to wrestle with paper jams or other issues.


Consult Your Manual


Most printers today are equipped with numerical or coded errors. The first thing you should always do, unless you are familiar with the code, is consult your printer manufacturer’s manual. There will be a trouble-shoot section with every code your printer knows, and how to fix the problems.


If you have taken the steps outlined in the manual and it doesn’t fix the issue, your best bet is to call a qualified service person, if your unit is large and expensive. Smaller units should be taken to an outlet for service. It is safer to let someone who knows what he or she is doing to look at it rather than take a chance of damaging the small working parts inside.


Practicing regular printer maintenance will help keep your printer running at its best. View our 5 printer maintenance tips for a guide to keeping your printer running at optimum levels.

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October 28, 2013 by

Inkjet printer manufacturers make most of their money from selling the corresponding ink cartridges, so it comes as no shock that they would want to take measures to ensure their customers are only buying original equipment manufacturer (OEM) ink cartridges.


Inkjet printer manufacturers sell their printer units for a low cost and expect consumers to pay highly marked up prices for their OEM cartridges. One company, Lexmark, also began installing special chips in their cartridges that would essentially render the cartridge useless  after you used them. They couldn’t be refilled or recycled and would end up in landfills.


Consumers began the practice of purchasing low-cost compatible cartridges to use with their printers, which leaves the printer manufacturers with a lower profit margin.


Printer manufacturers fought back, attempting to void warranties for anyone who used compatible cartridges in their printers. So, are printer warranties voided by using compatible cartridges?


The US Federal Trade Commission stepped in with some improvements to their act, creating Magnuson-Moss Warranty Federal Trade Commission Improvement Act. The improvements have made it illegal for printer manufacturers to void warranties due to consumers using low-cost compatible ink and toner cartridges.


In 2012, Lexmark removed themselves entirely from the inkjet printer manufacturing business, no doubt in part due to the significant loss in profits from their customers buying low-cost compatible ink cartridges instead of their OEM cartridges.

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October 25, 2013 by

Good news for business owners and anyone who relies on tablets for on-the-go computing – Microsoft has released a series of tablets that are closer to a tablet and computer hybrid. Using Intel processors, they are capable of running actual software, not just your regular apps designed to work on a tablet or smartphone.


This means you are not limited to what your chosen apps can do while you are waiting to get to your computer; you can accomplish everything you need to do right on your tablet. Of course, using an 8” or 10” tablet screen may still be an issue for many people, but you will have the option to utilize the full software in a more compact manner. Even laptops can be cumbersome at times.


The new series of tablets run on Windows 8.1 operating system. They can all be used with an optional wireless keyboard, making the creation of documents easier. The full operating systems also make the tablets capable of being paired with a printer.


Windows-based tablets have been released much later than others have, but it looks as though Microsoft has spent the time listening and responding to user feedback. The results are a tablet and PC hybrid suitable for students, business owners and employees, and even home-based users.

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October 23, 2013 by

We have all heard of recycling by now, and its benefits to our environment. Ink and Toner cartridges are so small, you may wonder if it really makes that much of a difference. When 300 million cartridges are thrown away every year, on average, you can see how these numbers would add up to a larger problem. The following are 5 reasons to recycle your ink and toner cartridges, which will help you understand why recycling these items has such great benefits.


1. It can take up to 1000 years or more for some components of the cartridges to break down in our landfills.


2. Refilling or recycling your cartridges saves raw materials such as water, petroleum and oil, and minerals from being sourced to make more cartridges.


3. Recycling saves energy from the manufacturing of new cartridges, as well as from having to incinerate discarded cartridges.


4. Recycling saves on air and water pollution. Ink cartridges may leak into the surrounding earth and water, and incinerating releases toxins that pollute our air.


5. Recycling protects our resources, helping to ensure future generations will have fresh water, and access to raw materials.

Throwing away your cartridges is wasteful and harmful in many ways, especially when many outlets offer a cartridge buy-back program or use recycled components to manufacture their cartridges. Visit TonerLand or call our representatives  for more information.

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October 22, 2013 by

Toner is the dry ink used in laser printers. Not all toner is comprised using the same formula, but they all share similarities. It generally consists of a mix of carbon, polymers, and coloring agents.


No matter the type of polymer used, they play an important role. They allow the toner to melt and bond together on the paper to create your text and images. The mixture and the melting point can all vary from each manufacturer and even with the different printer models.


The toner mixture is refined by a process called air jet milling. The polymers are eventually ground into a fine powder; the smaller the particles, the more clear and crisp your prints will look on paper. You are also getting the most efficiency from your toner when the particles are finely ground.


Strict quality control ensures that any particles that are too large will be sent back to be reprocessed, but the air jet milling process leaves the toner particles with varying shapes and sizes.


To result in a more uniform size and shape of the particles, some companies use a different process involving chemicals. They grow toner particles from specially manufactured reagents. In this case, reagents refer to a pure chemical substance for use in causing a chemical reaction when added to another substance. The uniformity allows for a more consistent electrostatic charge, as well as better flow of toner.


The final powder is mixed with other additives and is ready to be placed into cartridges. Special care is taken to keep a cooler temperature throughout the entire process to avoid the toner mixture melting.


These two processes are generally how toner is made. Hewlett Packard is one company who uses the chemically made toner, so it is widely available.

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October 21, 2013 by

Brother has introduced eight new printers designed especially for home and small offices. They are all compact and have a sleek, attractive construction.


Four of them are multifunction 4-in-1 units offering printing, copying, scanning, and faxing capabilities. The other four models are multifunction 3-in-1 units offering printing, copying, and scanning.


The eight models range in price from $99 to $199, and all offer different specifications and features.


Some similarities are that they all use a 4-cartridge ink system so you only have to change the color that has run out, and they are all capable of printing photos. They all have a 100-sheet paper tray capacity, offer similar print speeds, and all but one model works with Brother’s free apps for interacting with photos and mobile printing from your smartphone devices.


Aside from those similarities, their features are quite different. Some have LCD displays, some offer 2-sided printing, and some offer an automatic document feeder. However different they may be, you are very likely to find a model that suits your needs among this group of new Brother printers for home and small offices.


Read more about each model’s specifications and features.

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October 18, 2013 by

If you are a business owner with people working for you, one of the greatest investments you can make in your staff members are workshops geared toward bettering their skills. There are thousands of different workshops with scheduled dates in cities or towns all over the world, with highly skilled and experienced instructors.


Workshops for small or medium sized businesses cover office skills such as customer service, loss prevention, basic accounting, learning MS Office, basic computer skills, and almost anything else you can think of. It may be that technology or rules have changed and you want to make sure your team of staff is up to date, or you have changed equipment at your office and everyone needs to learn how to make the transition. It may even be that your staff’s customer service makes customers feel unwelcome and uncomfortable shopping at your store, or utilizing your products, and they need a refresher course.


Most times, it is more cost-effective to promote a staff member internally, rather than put up an advertisement, conduct interviews, hire someone, and then provide training. Your experienced staff members are more valuable than you may realize, and taking advantage of targeted workshops to build their skills and help them to better represent your business is a wise decision.


Doing a simple online search for workshops in your area will bring up many prospects, and you can choose the ones that are right for your current needs.

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October 16, 2013 by

Simply put, yes you do need a printer driver. Depending on your operating system, a driver may be referred to by different names, but they are necessary for all printers and computers to talk to each other and properly translate data.


If you didn’t use a driver or the appropriate software for your chosen platform, your printer may not have any idea that you wanted it to print anything. Your printer may not have any idea that it is even hooked up to your computer, never mind able to translate data.


If you have ever purchased a printer, you would know that there is usually a necessary software download in order to begin set-up and print processes. You will also be required to update your driver software as updates become available, or risk inadequately printed text and images.


Some people report being able to use most functions of a printer without installing any drivers at all. This is possible for some models and operating systems however, you will run into issues that cannot be fixed without the driver installation. Features such as your scanner, more advanced functions such as specific margins or text and image placements, and overall speed will be an issue at some point.


If you have lost or misplaced your installation software, you can find the most up to date versions on the websites belonging to the company who manufactured your printer.

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October 15, 2013 by

Microsoft Office 365 is the newest version of the popular MS Office packages, launched in June of 2011. It was produced to allow multiple people access to shared MS Office applications and documents from wherever they are in the world, via internet access.


Many people are still comfortably using older versions. Should you subscribe to MS Office 365? That depends on how much you rely on Microsoft Office now, what you use it for, and how often you use it.


If you are only a light user, creating documents and presentations for yourself with no need to share them with others during the editing process, you may not have a need to purchase a subscription. If you rely heavily upon the MS Office Suite, have multiple people using and contributing to the same documents, and employ remote workers, it may be a good idea to purchase a subscription.


This will allow you and your staff or colleagues to work together from everyone’s separate locations, without having to send the documents back and forth as email attachments. Anyone with the credentials can log in and contribute.


Microsoft Office 365 is available by subscription and is cloud-based, offering you all the tools you need to create documents and presentations, share information, and collaborate on projects with your team or office. A good feature of the online aspect is that updates are applied frequently so you are always using the best version, and if you decide you don’t like it, you can simply cancel your subscription.

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